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                      we weave between

we co-exist among old and emerging stories, systems, and identities

we live in a time of figuring and transformation on our path to planetary health, equity, and interbeing


mothertree labs explores the potentialities of emerging intersections towards these transformations

we incubate ideas in ecotones through research, gatherings & narrative tools


we journey through unlearning & learning out loud, together

collective space holding, sensemaking & storytelling that re-weaves our social and ecological roots

encoding upon value flow systems and pattern integrities for regeneration, locality and trust

our values


we embrace compassion, collectivity, curiosity & humility in our ongoing journey of sensemaking


we believe we all have the capacity for visioning, storytelling and acting towards better futures


we hold space for pluriversality and multiple truths beyond dominant institutional and human-centric narratives


we recognize every setting is unique, we unfurl complexities to enable participation


we nurture open hearts and minds, we share what we learn, broadly and inclusively


we grow long-term relationships and practice non-extractive research & creation processes


we listen for meaning amongst the messiness and adapt with agile beginners mind



seedlings and saplings of stories and constellations we weave as learning journeys within the mycelial network

Meredith Connelly tlights-trail.jpeg

The Mothertree evokes

the network weaving towards thriving ecosystems; the exchange of nourishment and wisdom; the composting and seed sprouting; a co-being with constant co-becoming. 

Our work is in the understory where binaries of old and new, shadow and light, human and non-human, dissolve and confluence towards restoring, and re-storying, regenerative interdependence. 

We ingest and digest, an experimental dance within an alchemy of energetic flow, giving attention to the soft data revealed by tensions. We encourage the weave of rhizome and mycelia, whilst figuring where to fruit into mushrooms that shall feed the emergent and existing overstory layers of social, digital, psychological, political, and legal technologies.

moss-and-mushrooms cropped.jpg

forest of friends

communities and collaborations woven through gatherings, friendships, and ongoing flows of ideas and solidarity manifest the wood wide webs that facilitate, seed & nourish our learning journeys

                      weave in with your

to learn more and weave with us, on these extitutional learning journeys

please send out a root-tip (by email) to mycelium (at) mothertreelabs (dot) com

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